Ontario and East Coast dates plus another new ditty

We’re excited to announce a little summer road-trip action. Here are some recently announced dates:

July 24 Toronto, ON @ The Piston
Aug 21 Guelph, ON @ TBA
Aug 22 Windsor, ON @ Phog Lounge
Aug 24 Toronto, ON @ Menalon (Afternoon Show)
Aug 26 Ottawa, ON @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Aug 28 Sackville, NB @ Thunder and Lightning
Aug 29 Fredericton, NB @ TBA
Aug 30 Halifax, NS @ Company House
Aug 31 Charlottetown, PEI @ Baba’s

Things are still being tweaked so go to the tour section for updates.

Lastly, here’s a new song called Dogwalk. Hope you dig it.

marc, tavo, j.j. and marshall

new tune! new record! new shoes!

Happy summer, everybody. Hope you’re all keeping sweaty and happy and jumping in bodies of water whenever possible.

Speaking of happiness and sweat, our new record almost exists. Yesterday, our friends at Exclaim! made the announcement while posting a new track, No Witness. So yes, WHAT MORE WHAT MORE comes out on August 19 via Ishmalia Records. More details to come.

It’s Time To Get Freaky Again

Happy 2014, friends. We are 98% done the new record and can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, we are pleased to share this gigantic surprise party celebrating our pal Andy Swan’s gem of a song catalogue. Initiated by his lovely partner, Kristy Nease, and 46 (!) songs deep, you can download the whole things for free HERE and listen to our contribution HERE.

That Summer Feeling and Album #5

Hope all of your summers are rad and that you are swimming and biking and eating and making out in all the right amounts. Following a strange tradition, we’ve been recording inside on lovely summer days but are almost finished tracking album #5. At the end of a long day at the The House of Miracles, we snuck in a couple of covers… the first being Jonathan Richman’s “That Summer Feeling”. A bonus was getting The Abramson Singers to email us some lovely BG vocs.
Listen to it HERE.


Here’s the new video for Waiting For Christine. Animated by Ryan MacKeen, Directed by Marc Morrissette, Ryan MacKeen, and Sylvie Smith. Design Concept by Serena Malyon. Thanks to everyone involved and to Van Gogh for the colours.


Our talented pal Andy Swan along with Emily Jeffers put together a video for ‘Not That Kind’, starring Miche Jette. The song is off the year-old SWEATER EP.

summer, walt, etc.

Summer’s been good so far. Hope yours has too. A beaver slapped it’s tail at me last weekend. We have a couple more videos ready for ya soonish… and 13 brand new tunes slowly getting worked on… And some possible Euro action this fall. And Breaking Bad starts up again soon. What’s Walt gonna do next?

Also, if you’re in a Spotify-friendly zone, I was asked recently to come up with a playlist of influences and HERE SHE IS.


Pool Hoppin’ Video

Here’s our steamy new video for Pool Hoppin’, put together by our talented buddies Josh and Peter from VULTURE CULTURE. Thanks, dudes.

Bad Luck

We commemorated Friday the 13th by playing our favourite Royal City song. Thanks to Jim Guthrie for sitting in with us that evening and to Nick Tiringer for putting this video together.

Todd Simko

I was very sad to hear the NEWS that Todd Simko has passed away. I was lucky enough to meet and work with him back in the mid 2000′s when he mastered the first two octoberman releases and he was a very warm and genuine man with a wicked, dry sense of humour (my favourite kind). Deepest condolences go out to his family.